Wild Venison with Discovered Wildfoods

by Oliver Hagen September 29, 2020 1 min read

Wild Venison with Discovered Wildfoods

Wild . Sustainable . Delicious .

According to Discovered Wildfoods, Venison is the best meat for you & the planet.

'Discovered was born from a simple desire to use what is on our plates to make positive change for our environment, health & communities'.

Did you know that across Australia, natural habitats are being threatened by non natives such as wild bore, and wild deer? What we love most about Discovered Wildfoods is that instead of seeing the problem, they have created a solution. They partner with landowners to preserve native habitats & agricultural land by ethically harvesting Australian wild game. A large sum of taxpayer money goes towards reducing numbers, but these efforts leave thousands of kilos of edible meat left to waste.

Discovered Wildfoods have seen the importance of utilising all food that is available to us. 'The fragility of industrialised food systems has never been clearer - now more than ever we must reconcile sustainability with what’s on our plates'.

They saw it as an opportunity to provide a high protein, low fat, sustainable meat option by making wild game accessible to every dinner table.

'We see an opportunity to savour a rare luxury previously only accessible to the hunter, while restoring balance to the ecosystem'.

Their mission is to help every chef (and home chef) discover the taste, health & sustainability benefits of ethically harvested wild game.

For more information, be sure to check out their beautiful website: