Bendele Farm

by Oliver Hagen November 08, 2023 1 min read

Bendele Farm

Farmers: Sarah & Fred Sterns

Location: Gympie, Queensland

Produce: Turkey

Breed: Broad Breasted White Turkey

Age: 15-18 weeks

Diet:Grain & natural pastures

Principles:Free-range, sustainable farming practices, hand processed.

Length of Relationship:Over 15 years

Bendele Farm is regarded as the leading supplier of poultry & Turkey in Australia, and we've been proudly working with them since the mid-2000s. 

The farm is certified organic, however the Turkey is not able to be deemed Organic, due to non-certification of the feed. Bendele maintains an extremely high standard of operation in order to produce higher-welfare flavourful poultry. It was originally established in 1999 as a duck farm, and Sarah and Fred took over in 2004 after careers in agriculture education and on cattle stations.

Realising the importance of organic farming practices, they were quick to prioritise the environment, food supply, shelter, water and even noise levels for growing happy and healthy poultry. The flocks have 24/7 access to pasture where they can frolick and scratch in the dust, and they primarily eat natural vegetation as well as organically accredited wheat or sorghum. They work hard to keep the stock as comfortable as they can year-round, however, environmental fluctuations can impact the flock numbers, sizes and weights during various times of the year.