• A Leg of Beef (slice), Marrow Bone
  • B Top Rump, Topside Roast, Silverside, Braising Steak
  • C Oxtail
  • D Rump, Rump Steak
  • E Sirloin, Sirloin Roast, Sirloin Steak, T-Bone Steak, Fillet, Fillet Steak, Wing Rib
  • F Hindquarter Flank, Skirt
  • G Forequarter Flank, Short Ribs
  • H Forerib
  • I Rolled Backrib
  • J Neck, Stewing Steak
  • K Chuck Steak
  • L Leg Top, Braising Steak
  • M Brisket
  • N Shin, Marrow Bone

Hagens Organic beef comprises of premium cuts from livestock raised in open pastures on 100% organic land, free from any antibiotics and growth hormones. Certified by either ACO, NASAA or Demeter, our steaks and roasts are full of flavour, abundantly marbled.

All our cattle are raised by dedicated local Victorian farmers and are 100% free range. They live in a stress-free, safe environment with access to fresh water and a choice of natural mineral licks to help balance out their diet. 

A lot of love and time goes into our beef, resulting in beautiful quality with an amazing flavour..