Meet our staff

Dave Snags

Introducing our Prahran market manager Dave aka "Snags". Dave is a second generation butcher with a second generation nickname. His dad used to make the sausages for all the butcher shops in the Vic Market and from that was bestowed the title of Snags. From the age of 12 Dave or "cocktail" as he was known then, was pulled out of bed at 2am on Saturday mornings and went along to the market with his old man. Dave has been working in the Vic Market on and off for the last 30 plus years, even owning his own store there with his father for a number of years. Snags is a great butcher and as he always tells me "he was born to sell meat". If you ever need anything at our Prahran store Snags is the one to talk to.


Kerry has only been part of the team for a couple of months now and is a bit of an all rounder, working in every shop. He started butchering in 1959 and as he says "I've has seen plenty plenty of changes in the game over that time." Kerry has owned a couple of his own shops, most recently in Highett Road, Highett. He loves a chat and is very quick with his butchers sayings so if you see him at one of the stores don't forget to say hi. 


Tim (Tiny)

Meet our new manager at Bentleigh, Tim or Tiny for short. Tim has been a butcher for33 years and owned a number of his own shops before becoming a youth worker. Luckily we managed to convince him to come back to butchering. He hales from central New South Wales and has brought the whole family down to show us how it's done. Bit of a Larrikin and we are very excited to have him on our team!


Scott Rogers joined the Hagens team at the beginning of 2014. Having started his apprenticeship at the age of 16 he has a wide breadth of experience, having worked at some of the worlds best butcher shops and markets in Sydney, Melbourne and London. He has a passion for butchery and also for teaching when he runs the butchery classes with Ollie once a month.

There is a bit of story behind Scott's joining of the team. Before Royce passed away, he did one final trip around Europe. While he was in London he went to the famous Ginger Pig Butcher, where he met Scott. Both Royce and Scott hale from the Southern New Zealand town of Invercargill so naturally they had a bit to talk about. Royce handed Scott a card and told him if he was ever in Melbourne to look us up. At the beginning of 2014 we got a phone call from a friend at Neils Meats about a butcher needing some work. Scott had been working at Neils Meats opposite us at the Prahran Market and for a number of weeks had been wondering how he knew the Hagens name. He had finally figured it out and got in touch! Since Royce had done the interviewing already we were more than happy to bring him into the team.

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