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Jason and Belinda Hagan, McIvor Farm

Jason and Belinda Hagen just love pigs. The couple run McIvor Farm in Tooborac, which has been in Jason's family for over 100 years. Specialising in true free-range Old Breed Pork, it is important to the Hagans that their pigs are well cared for, healthy and happy. The pigs are born outside and spend their whole lives outside, roaming the farm. The Animals are moved to a new paddock every few days so they can consume fresh pasture and leave the land to regenerate. 

Belinda Hagan says although it is more labour intensive, she and her husband are committed to sustainable farming. They keep the pigs moving so the land can rest and repair. Belinda says Jason's father and grandfather had good stock sense, they learnt animal behaviour and farmed traditionally. But when she and her husband took the reigns, they decided to pursue further study in agriculture to ensure they could minimise their impact on the land. 

"We love the animals" Belinda says. "We're trying to be land stewards; leaving it so that our children have something to farm" 




Carol and Nev Bredden Creighton Creek. 

Nev Bredden has never liked chemicals; he is naturally "not a spray person". Nev and his wife Carol struck up a friendship with Royce Hagen more than a decade ago. The veteran beef farmer had turned his hand to growing organic herbs, and started selling fresh herbs to Royce and Susan when they owned Hagen's Organic Fruit and Veg. Nev had always been a beef producer, and had never heard the word 'organic' until he went along to a herb-garden workshop in Euroa in 1995. He decided that if he was going to grow herbs he would do it organically. But when Royce told him that he was going to open and organic butcher, Nev Turned his attention to raising organic beef. He worked for years to get his entire 184 hectare Creighton Creek farm certified organic, and he has never looked back. Nev says "the first and foremost organic law, is that the animals must be looked after". the cattle is predominantly grass fed, but is he has to buy hay, it is always certified organic. 

The Hagens buy a majority of Nev's stock, he says about 95 to 98 percent. Nev's only rule with them: "If there's something wrong - for god's sake tell me!". He is meticulous with his record keeping, and speaks to Oliver every week to ensure that everything is on track, and at the highest quality. Nev says their relationship has paid off, with over a decade of shared history, the farmer and the retailer remain close friends. 



John and Anne Boyd have been practicing biological farming for almost 10years, they do this by recycling all of our waste materials from there dairy farm, compost it, and re-use it as natural fertilisers for their product. They spread the waste into row and allow it to compost naturally, turning it every few weeks to let more oxygen in and let nature takes its course. Once they are happy with the consistency and nutrient level of the compost, they it onto their soils as a natural fertiliser. Which mean improving the health of their soils by putting carbon back into the soil, increasing the natural biological activity of the soil.

 They are located at the foot of the Otways near Colac, Mac’s creek flows from the edge of the Otways right through the middle of the farm. They we’re introduced to Rose veal during an overseas trip a few years ago, and we’re overwhelmed by the tenderness of the meat and flavour created with this style of veal. It inspired them to start growing their own rose veal at home and are very proud of the results.





Milkingyard farm, Victoria


Bendele farm, Queensland 

Owners and Operators Sara and Fred Sterns left Mt Isa a number of years ago to take over operations of Bendele Farm.
Realising the importance of organic farming practices, they were quick to realise that the environment, food supply, shelter, water and even noise levels were extremely important in growing poultry.In order to produce a truly unique product they knew that the combination of all these elements had to be exact.

Located in Kilkivan, near Gympie in South East Queensland, Bendele farm is regarded as the leading supplier of Organic poultry to the local market.

Bendele is certified with ACO as an organic poultry producer and maintains an extremely high standard of operation in order to produce a consistently high grade product.


Supplier of free range chicken

 Grown locally in Victoria, there free range chickens are accredited by Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia’s (FREPA). There free range farms are regularly audited to ensure they meet the FREPA standards. Bannockburn Free Range chickens are processed without the addition of chemicals at our processing plant, using our “Air-chilling” method.

Our processing method sets Bannockburn Free Range chickens apart from all other free range chicken products on the market. These chickens are processed using a low scald/air chill method which does not require the addition of chemicals.

 No added hormones or antibiotics


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