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Hagen’s Organics is a second-generation family-run butchery based inMelbourne.With five stores located around city at the Prahran Market, Queen Victoria Market, Richmond, Bentleigh and the South Melbourne Market, Hagen’s Organics provides thecommunity with organic, ethically raised and locally sourced meat.   

Hagen’s Organics originally began in the 1980’s when Royce and Susan Hagen ran an organic fruit and vegetable store in the Prahran Market. This was at a time when organic produce was a niche product, with asmaller yet,defined and loyal following. Royce and Sue sold premium and locally grown certified organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. It wasn’t long before theircustomer base started encouraging themtoretail organicmeat.  

So, in 1998Hagen’s Organics made a shift from fruit and vegetables tobeef, pork, poultry and lamb, with Royce openingHagen’s Organic Butchers at the Prahran Market.This move meant Roycebecame one of Victoria’s original organic butchers, working with local farming families to bring Melbournians the best meat available.  

Over the years, Hagen’s Organics has built a loyal following, with many customers beinggenerationalfamilies who have been shopping with them fora number of years.  

Today, the company is run by Royce and Sue’s son Oliver who, like his father, is committed to bringing his communitypremium quality meat that is of the highest ethical standards, with a focus on organic and biodynamic principles.  

Central to the Hagen’s Organic ethos isHagen’s family desire to provide a healthier, more environmentally friendly way of eating.   


“We should only be eating meat 3 – 4 times a week. It’s better for our health, better for the animals and better for the environment” says Oliver. 



Oliver, along with his sister Ruby and mum Susan, operate the business from theirwarehouse Richmond.  

 Their team is made of passionateand skilled butchers who value quality meatand work to best practiceto supply a product that reflects the time effort and energy the farmers have put in to raising them.  

Their retail team consists of knowledgeable and friendly men and women who, as customer-facing team members represent the Hagen’s Organics brand each day in-store. The retail staff work alongside the butchers to create an experience for customers who are seeking a premium product from a family brand. The staff’s product knowledge is second-to-none as they communicate the sustainable and ethical features of the product, as well as preparation and storing tips for the home cooks.  

Hagen’s Organics is working towards a closed loop system, where theyare able to supply meat to those who wish to eat in a way that is sustainable and has respect for the land, the animal and the producers.  

If you have any questions about Hagen’s Organics or our story, please get in touch.  


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