• A Head, Cheeks, Ears
  • B Spare Rib Roast, Rolled Spare Rib Roast, Shoulder, Back Fat
  • C Hand, Picnic Ham, Sticking, Shoulder, Back Fat
  • D Hock
  • E Trotter
  • F Loin, Rack of Pork, Loin Chop, Escalope, Tenderloin, Chump End, Chump Chop
  • G Belly, Thick End, Rack of Spare Ribs, Rolled Belly
  • H Leg Ham, Rolled Leg
  • I Tail

Berkshire pork offers a unique taste experience, as well. Its texture is exquisite—supple, yet meaty. Its flavor is lush, distinctive and abundant. And the marbling yields unparalleled juiciness for pork—the meat glistens when you cut into it.