Hagen's Organics

2018 Alpha Box & Dice 'Mistress' Tempranillo, Carignan McLaren Vale SA


Mistress is a blend inspired by the wines from the Iberian Peninsula in Spain, which led to a blend of Tempranillo and Carignan. Both grapes were hand picked and the wild fermentation on skins until dry provides great structure. The wine displays dark black fruit's of cherries, blackberry, blueberry notes and some savoury prune characteristics. 

Mood:  Slow Cook
Method:  Progressive
Notes: Dark Cherries, Prunes, Dusty Tannin, Med bodied
Food Pairings:  Roasted Leg of Lamb, BBQ'd Porterhouse Steak or try our Saltbush & Pepperberry Lamb Ribs Recipe

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