Hagen's Organics

2019 Corofin Meltwater Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough NZ


A Sauvignon Blanc that undergoes wild yeast fermentation methods and extended time on lees. It's been hand-harvested and is only lightly filtered. This wine has refined flavours of gooseberry, hints of passionfruit and a cool zesty, mineral edge, with zippy acidity that has you coming back for more. 

The source is a sustainably-run vineyard in the southern Wairau Valley, a cooler area making racy, less tropical styles. This is more in the tangy lemon and citrus rather than mango and passionfruit.

Mood: Weekend Treat
Method: Progressive
Notes: Gooseberry, Hints Passionfruit, Zesty acidity
Food Pairings: Greek Marinated Butterfly Chicken, L'Artisan Marcel or try out our Porchetta and Herb Stuffing Recipe.

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