Milawa Poultry

Milawa Duck


Hagen's ducks come from Milawa Farm by the idyllic town of Milawa, about a three-hour drive from Melbourne towards the NSW border. The ducks spend their lives outside in the paddock grazing, roaming and scratching. The birds are a strong cross-breed of Mascovie, Indian Runner, Aylesbury and Pekin ducks. 

A roast duck is moist, flavoursome and slightly more forgiving to an overcooking. For a perfectly crispy skin, drying the skin by patting down with paper towel before oil, salt and popping in the oven on high heat. Once browned, reduce the heat and cook through. 

Pair with our house-made Cranberry Sauce 

Serving Suggestion

2kg - 2.2kg - 4 - 5 ppl

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