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Organic Rump Steak

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The Rump is from the tail end of the animal and has a very unique flavour. Rump steak should be cook fairly quickly even for the size and is always best a little on the rare side. Perfect sliced and placed over a Thai salad.

Serving Suggestion  750 grams: 2 - 4 people

Cooking SuggestionHeat a heavy based pan over high heat with oil and once hot add the steak. Sear one side for around 4 minutes and then turn. Cook the remaining side for another 3 minutes and then let it rest for 15 minutes

Recipes - Liv's Rump Steak with Chimichurri, Thai Beef Salad, Grilled Rump Steak And Caprese Salad Steak with Hummus and Fried Cashews