Rump Roast - 2.00kg


The Rump is from the tail end of the animal and has a unique flavour. Its an extremely lean piece of meat and is recommended to always serve it a little on the rare side.

The rump is comprised of four muscles, which can be left as a whole or separated into different cuts: picanha or rumpcap, rumptail or tri tip, rump fillet or rump pave and prime rump. Although a lean cut in itself, rump has a layer of subcutaneous fat which means it can be aged whole for up to 30 days plus, to give exceptional flavour and tenderness.


Size: Approximately 2kg

Feeds: Up to 8 People



Price per kg: $39.90kg


2.00kg is our minimum roast size, if you would like a larger size please call or email our Richmond office on 03 9428 2471/


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