Milking Yard Farm Whole Chicken

Milking Yard Farm grow a special breed of chicken called Sommerlad, which is reminiscent of the famous Bresse and Label Rouge chickens from France. The birds are grown in small numbers on pasture in the idyllic surrounds at Trentham, Victoria.

The Milking Yard Farm chickens are alike to how chickens used to taste (like your grandma would remember) and are packed with flavour and significantly bigger in size than commercial chickens. 

The best way to cook the Milking Yard Farm chicken is low and slow in the oven with a blast of heat at the start and end of cooking to give a delicious crispy skin. 


Pair with our house - made chicken gravy and our mum stuffing


 Serving Suggestions 

2kg - 3kg - 6 - 7 ppl 

3kg - 4kg - 8 - 10 ppl 

4kg> - 10 +



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