Mabu Mabu

Saltbush Spice


Saltbush has a soft, salty flavour - slightly earthy - and can be used as a direct substitute for salt or add to a sauce or seasoning. It boasts a rich umami flavour that can be added to soups, sauces and curries. 

Ingredients:100% dried saltbush

About Mabu Mabu:

Mabu Mabu are a Melbourne based business that has an emphasis on using fresh, seasonal and native ingredients to create beautiful dishes that bring people together. Mabu Mabu is a term from the Torres Strait that translates to 'help yourself.' 'Traditionally, a Mabu Mabu is a banquet, shared table or big family meal. It's how we like to enjoy food on the islands: surrounded by the people we love.

Mabu Mabu acknowledges the many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities who have been gathering, growing, harvesting and using Indigenous ingredients for over 60,000 years on the lands now known as Australia, in particular our chef's cultural heritage; the Komet Tribe of the Meriam People of Mer Island in the Torres Strait.

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