Wroud Shares Her Family Food Memories

by Olivia McCrimmon May 06, 2021 1 min read

Wroud Shares Her Family Food Memories

In celebration of Mother's Day, we had the wonderful Wroud from Free to Feed share a recipe that her mother cooks alongside almost any Syrian meal. ​Wroud, who grew up in a small city called Al-Hasakah in Syria, has kindly shared some of her cherished memories around food and family.

Where did your love of food come from and who taught you how to cook?
My love of food came from my oldest sister, she was a good cook and everyone loved her food, she inspired me.

What is your favourite dish that your mum cooked for you?
My favourite dishes were any of her rice dishes. She had different technique for cooking rice and it was really special and unique to her.

What is your favourite food memory with your mum?
My favourite memory is doing something we call waraq enab. This translates to rolling grape leaves. I remember feeling like I was really good at rolling them. My mother encouraged me to roll them as thin as possible and really taught me this craft. 
How important was food in your family?
Food and sharing meals together was always really important in my family. We were a big family, there were 6 children plus my parents! No matter what, it was important that we always waited until everyone came home from work or school to gather and have lunch together. 
What's your favourite meal to cook for your family?
Frika is my favourite dish to cook for my family today. It's green wheat with lamb, toasted pine nuts and almonds on top. Yum!