Left Over Christmas Ham - Bubble and Squeak Recipe

Left over Christmas ham? Bubble and Squeak is your answer
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What to do left over ham - Truffled Croque Monsieur

'Croque Monsieur' the French words for 'Toasties of Champions' (or thereabouts). We cannot get enough of this toasted sandwich after Christmas. It's the perfect thing to make if you're not sure what to do with left-over...
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How to Glaze A Christmas Ham

Ham is as synonymous to Christmas as a fat man in a red suit.  For us, as butchers, it's our biggest time of year. Food is a big part of our culture and nothing...
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Great Porchetta Recipe - Porchetta and herb stuffing

The Italian pork roast of Porchetta is a pork loin and belly stuffed with herbs, rolled and roasted to perfection. The inside meat is succulent and moist and the salty crackling will have you coming back...
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Mum's Stuffed Roast Turkey

Nothing tastes more like Christmas dinner than our Mum's stuffed roast turkey. It's got this golden caramel coloured skin, morish zesty breadcrumb stuffing and served triumphantly atop a bed of roasted leeks - tastes like...
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What’s the difference between natural cure and traditional cured ham?

Ham - a Christmas staple and sometimes…a little confusing. You’ll hear descriptions like ‘naturally cured ham’, ‘nitrate-free ham’ and ‘traditionally cured ham’ which can muddle you up a little – isn’t ham, ham? Yes and no. The...
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Hagen's Organics Veggie Boxes

Melbourne's Market-Fresh Veggie Boxes  We're excited to announce you can now shop market-fresh veggies as well as meat with Hagen's Organics. These veggie boxes are great for people who love to cook and eat local, delicious...
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Butcher's Recipe for Slow Cooked Beef Ribs

How butchers slow cook beef ribs Great beef + simple ingredients + time = perfect ribs Despite ribs being a staple in diets across the world, it's only in the last decade that us Australians have...
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5 Reasons to Love Liver

LIVER - often not at the top of a shopping list unless you really love or make your own pâté. This is a shame because when it's cooked well, seasoned and served with a...
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beef olive

Beef Olive - Demo dish from British white tasting (recipe)

Ingredients  6 thin topside steaks  caul fat, soaked overnight  500ml beef stock  300ml red wine  1 tablespoon beef dripping  8 small golden shallots, peeled, core left on and halved  1 bunch...
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organic beef

How to reverse sear a steak - Demo dish from British White Tasting (recipe)

We don't a single better way to cook a steak perfectly than with the reverse-sear method. This method has you searing the steak on the barbeque at the end of the cooking...
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Slow Cooked Brisket Taco - Demo dish at British White Tasting (Recipe)

  Ingredients Brisket  3kg piece British white brisket  Rub  1 cup granulated sugar  1/2 cup dark brown sugar 1/4 cup...
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