Food Farm to Table - Demonstration, Tasting and Talk - British White Cattle

Event Tickets Butcher Demonstration | Try the rare British White Cattle | Cooking Demonstrations  As part of Heritage Breed Week, we're inviting you to join our butchery team...
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British White Cattle - Heritage Breed Cattle at Hagen's

We're excited to announce we'll have British White Cattle available at Hagen's over the coming months. Raised in the Southern Highlands of Victoria by Brooklands Free Range Farms, these animals are slower moving and more...
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butchers bones

Don't feed your dog cooked chicken bones

Feeding your dogs cooked chicken bones usually ends up with an expensive trip to the vet
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How to Truss a Chicken *Video*

Oliver shows us how to truss a chicken. Grab a chicken and a piece of string and watch this video
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Easter and ANZAC Day Trading Hours

Hagen's Easter trading hours have a number of variations due to the public holidays. Please check the following information about the stores during this period.   
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berkshire pork

Berkshire Pork Dumplings Recipe

This is the easiest recipe for dumplings we've ever seen. If we can make them from scratch, you can too!       ...
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What goes into pork mince?

What is in minced meat?...
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Pork Cuts Diagram

Let's talk pork.    Are you familiar with the different cuts of pork? You butcher is always happy to describe these to you, but there's something about a diagram that makes it easier to understand (especially...
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Pork Belly Recipe

You know the basics for how to prepare the perfect crispy crunchy pork belly from our recent method blog post here   INGREDIENTS 1kg of Berkshire...
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How to: Crispy Pork Belly Method

Pork belly: an undisputed classic. It can be rich and full of flavour, soft and juicy, whilst being delightfully crisp. For a truly deep flavour, and an exquisitely juicy bite, fat content is the most important...
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certified organic chicken

How To Cook Roast Chicken

Cooking a roast chicken can be simple - if you have the right tools. Let me hear you say 'meat thermometer'
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500g Portions Now Available In Our E-store

Here at Hagen’s, we are always looking for ways to improve our service and offering, so, as of this Sunday this week (17/02/19) the quantity size of meat that can be purchased through our online store will...
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