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Eye Fillet Steak - 200g


Scotch Fillet Steak - 250g


Rib Eye Steak - 750g


Porterhouse Steak - 250g


Rump Steak - 750g


Topside Steak - 300g


T-Bone Steak - 750g


Eye Fillet Roast


Scotch Fillet Roast


Porterhouse Roast


Rump Roast - 2.00kg


Rib Eye Roast


About Our Beef

Hagen's Organics are proud to provide our community with high quality Victorian farmed beef. Our beef is certified organic, raised on Victorian farms, by local farming families. All beef is predominantly grass-fed and live their lives outside as free range cattle.

One of our longest farming relationships is with Nev, Carol and their son, Scott, of Wattle Grove Farm based in Euroa, Victoria. We have been working with the Bredden's since the 1990's and they have consistently produced and supplied Hagen's Organics with premium quality organic beef.

Their herd is predominantly Belted Galloway breed of cattle, that spend their days roaming the paddocks in their social groups. No synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fungicide are used on this property, organic principles drive how these cows are bred, raised and fed.