How to Dispose of your Bamboo Trays

by Olivia McCrimmon June 23, 2022 2 min read

How to Dispose of your Bamboo Trays

With our online store being a huge part of our business, it was crucial to make a conscious and thought-out decision around the packaging that online orders were sent in. After months of research, trialling and getting the final tick of approval from our finance team to increase our packaging spend, we came to the decision to use these innovative bamboo trays wherever possible. 

By using these bamboo trays, we reduce our plastic waste by 80% using only 4g, compared to 20g for traditional trays. It's made from FSC certified bamboo, layered with a thin plastic film that can be peeled away from the fibre tray so that the two materials are easily separated. The film can be recycled through the RedCycle soft plastics system at your local supermarket and the tray can be recycled in your kerbside recycling bin or better yet, your compost or worm farm.

Bamboo requires no pesticides or fertilisers to grow, is certified home-compostable and uses a third less water to grow than cotton. Using fibre rather than plastic ensures that the end of life benefits are significant. By placing these trays into kerbside recycling after removing the lidding film, the raw material recovery rate increases to 70%, which is significantly higher than plastics.

Composting Your Bamboo Trays

  1. Remove the plastic film on the tray. Rinse and dry to take to a RedCycle at your local supermarket. 
  2. Place meat in a dish and set aside.
  3. The soaker pad can place into your compost bin or worm farm.
  4. Tear a corner of the tray to separate the lidding film from the fibre tray. Peel film off, rinse and dry and take to a RedCycle bin.
  5. Recycle the fibre tray in your kerbside bin or tear into pieces and place into your compost bin or warm farm.


The thin plastic film an be peeled away from the fibre tray, and recycled through the RedCycle soft plastics system.