How To Heat A Christmas Pudding

by Ruby Hagen December 09, 2018 2 min read

How To Heat A Christmas Pudding


This year we're fortunate enough (again!) to be selling Melbourne-made Christmas puddings from local baker Simply Baked. 

Merri has provided us with her instructions for how to re-heat the puddings so they're perfectly warmed and don't dry out in the cooking process. 


First, keep it refrigerated. Take it out first thing Christmas morning so it can come up to room temperature before steaming. 


STEAM OVEN OR MICROWAVE reheating instructions

1. Remove all of packaging including the bottom baking paper circle

2. Then follow your appliance manual on reheating 650/700g puddings


BOWL METHOD reheating instructions 

1. Remove the packaging

2.Leave the baking paper circle on the bottom - it's there for protection (remove just before serving)

3. Now its time to make your pudding “steam safe”  but before you do that...breathe in and enjoy the smell of Christmas…

4. Pop your pudding into a greased bowl (with a lip is easiest)

5. Place greased baking paper over the top of the bowl, cover with foil (both baking paper and foil should hang over the edge quite a bit)

6. You will need string to tie tightly around and under the lip of the pudding bowl

7. Your pudding is now water tight, cut away the extra baking paper & foil so that none will be in the water

8. Pop your pudding into a saucepan of simmering water cover the saucepan with a lid

9. The simmering water should only reach 2cm from the bottom of the bowl

10. Simmer for at least one/two hrs (700g)

Keep your kettle hot so that you can top up the saucepan as the water evaporates

11. Remove bowl from water -remember steam burns-

12. Cut string and remove all baking paper and foil, place on your serving plate (remember to take off the baking paper projection circle on the bottom of the pudding)

13. If you are quick heat some brandy and flame your pudding then serve with ice cream and fresh berries

Happy Christmas! 



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