Choosing the right cut of beef

by Oliver Hagen March 18, 2014 2 min read

Choosing the right cut of beef

Before you go shopping for beef you must first have an understanding what each cut is good for. There is no point in getting home with a great prime cut and sticking it in the slow cooker or on the other hand trying to pan fry a piece of meat that should be done low and slow.

The first thing you must think about when buying your cut of meat is where on the animal that cut comes from. Different parts of the animal are good for different types of cooking. Thinking logically about the animal and it’s movements you begin to get an understanding of the properties of the different muscles. The harder working muscles from the neck, leg or shoulder regions provide great taste and have good fat content.  These cuts are great for low and slow cooking such as your casseroles or pot roasts. The less worked muscles such as the rump or the Rib eye have heaps of flavour and can be grilled or roasted. Then there is the muscles that do little to no work such as the eye fillet or the sirloin(porterhouse), these muscles are great for you quick cook in the pan or grill.

Beef can be broken down simply into three sections. The front end or fore end of the animal, the Middle cuts, and the back end or hind of the animal. The fore end of the animal is where you will get the majority of your fatter cuts of meat and these muscles have a lot more flavour. The fore end is also where the majority of the animals movement is, hence this leads to increased muscle bulk and in turn fat and marbling. The meat from this area of the animal generally has to be cooked low and slow and the extra fat content in the meat helps keep it moist during cooking. While these cuts of meat are usually the cheaper cuts if done right they can produce outstanding flavour and texture. 

The middle cut of the animal is where the high quality prime cuts come from such as your eye fillet or porterhouse. These lesser worked muscles don’t have as heaver flavour as others and are a tender steak when quickly cooked. 

Finally the hind of the animal. These muscles generally have less fat running through them. These muscles are great for pot roast or if leaned our good for quick cooks such as stirfry. If you are using these muscles for a pot roast you must remember to keep a good layer of fat on the outside of the piece of meat while making sure there is plenty of fluid throughout the cooking process.

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Grass Fed T-bone steak, Anchovy Salsa Verde, The best Tomato salad
Grass Fed T-bone steak, Anchovy Salsa Verde, The best Tomato salad

by Olivia McCrimmon January 22, 2021 3 min read

Serves 4 | 45 Minutes

We are thrilled to be partnering with Chef Reuben Davis to bring you a 2 recipe series this Summer. Reuben has worked alongside some of the most celebrated and accoladed chefs in the world. From working in Michelin star restaurants, to creating food for his family and friends - his passion for food shines through his creations.

​Chef Reuben's Grass Fed T-bone Steak recipe with an Anchovy Salsa Verde, finished with 'THE BEST' tomato salad is perfect for when want to impress your guests this summer but you don't want to spend hours in the kitchen. Using our organic beef from right here in Victoria, and fresh vegetables from our online market store. Take our word for it, this recipe is a crowd favourite!

From Hagen's:

Steak 1x 750 gram T-Bone

For the Salsa Verde 

1 banana shallot 

50 gram pickled jalapenos 

50 grams capers in brine drained  

1 tin Ortiz anchovy 

2 cloves garlic 

120 ml red wine vinegar

½ bunch parsley flat leaf 

½ bunch of coriander 

½ bunch mint

220 ml olive oil 

Flake salt pinch


For the tomato salad 

8 X Good quality Ripe truss/Roma tomatoes 

1 banana shallot

200 ml x Extra virgin olive oil 

100 ml x Red wine vinegar 

½ bunch green basil 

½ bunch thyme 

50 gram Capers 



  1. Remove the T-bone from the fridge and place on a plate leave out on the bench to come up to room temperature, light your BBQ so it gets nice and hot
  2. Pick the parsley,coriander and mint separating the leaves and the stalks, finely chop and put in a bowl 
  3. Peel both the shallots set one aside for the salad, finely dice one of the shallots and add to the bowl with the herbs
  4. Remove the anchovies from the tin and finely chop these along with the jalapenos, add these to the bowl with the herbs, grate both the garlic cloves in to this bowl and mix adding the olive oil and the red wine vinegar and a good pinch of flake salt, mix well and set aside in the fridge 
  5. Finely slice the other shallot and place in a bowl with the capers, thyme and red wine vinegar, leave to marinade for 15 minutes, once that time is up add the olive oil 
  6. Slice the tomatoes into rounds and lay out on a large plate, season well with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 
  7. Place the thyme and rosemary together and tie with a piece of string, place the bunch into a small bowl of olive oil and brush the olive oil all over the steak, season well with flake salt and freshly ground black pepper 
  8. Place the steak flat on the BBQ and brush again with the rosemary and thyme brush, repeat this process every 5 minutes during the cooking after approx. 10 minutes turn the steak and cook for a further 8 minutes, remove from the grill and allow to rest (if you can use a temperature probe top measure the middle of the meat we want the internal temperature to be 55c, probes are a great investment to help your cooking)
  9. Spoon the caper and shallot dressing over the top of the tomatoes and place the basil over the top of that 
  10. After 10 minutes resting, remove the steak from the bone using a sharp knife and slice, spoon over the top of the steak the anchovy Salsa Verde and leave the remainder on the side serve immediately 
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