Barbecue with Charcoal, three tips

by Cody-May Campbell January 17, 2024 1 min read

Barbecue with Charcoal, three tips

Achieving great barbecue involves a combination of techniques, attention to detail, and a bit of patience. Here are three tips to help you improve your BBQ skills:

Time Management: Plan wisely for BBQ success. Each meat cut has its optimal cooking time, crucial for tenderness and flavour. Patience is key; allow at least an hour to get those coals nice and hot. The coals are ready to cook with when they turn a greyish white colour, ash appears and then the coals are glowing red.
If you're cooking from seasoned wood, allow up to 3 hours.

Portion Control: We follow the principle of 200g-250g per person to guide your servings sizes. Our Classic BBQ pack helps with this and feeds around 6 people

Variety: Please everyone by having a variety of species & marinades. Try a honey soy blend for the chicken wings, while opting for a hot BBQ marinade to kick up the flavour on the lamb ribs.

Remember, mastering the art of BBQ involves finding the right balance and adjusting these elements to suit your personal taste and the preferences of those you're serving. Enjoy the process of experimenting and refining your BBQ skills!