How to cook the perfect lamb chop

by Hagen's Organics May 27, 2020 1 min read

How to cook the perfect lamb chop

How to cook the perfect lamb chop

Serves 2 | 20 minutes
Lamb chops: easy to mess up, but easy to cook to perfection – if you know how. We've shared some simple steps to up your chop game at the link in our bio. We've served ours with Ottolenghi's sweet potato chips and a zingy mint yoghurt sauce for a mid-week meal.



From Hagen's:

500g of lamb loin chops

From the pantry:

Mount Zero Olive oil
Mount Zero Pink Salt


1. Take your chops out of the fridge around an hour before you intend to cook them, so they have time to come up to room temperature.
2. Rub a little olive oil on your chops and season with some flaky sea salt and cracked pepper. You can add some other classic seasonings such as cumin at this point, but we are doing these straight up. Get your pan on and get it nice and hot.
3. Place your chops fat side down, holding all together in your hand, on the pan to render the fat out and get some nice caramelisation going. Cook for around 2 minutes.
4. Turn your chops on to their side and cook for around 2.5 minutes. Flip the chops and cook for a further 2.5 minutes until all sides are nicely browned.
5. Remove from the pan and allow to rest for around 5 minutes. Enjoy!


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