How to: Crispy Pork Belly Method

by Ruby Hagen March 14, 2019 2 min read

How to: Crispy Pork Belly Method

Pork belly: an undisputed classic. It can be rich and full of flavour, soft and juicy, whilst being delightfully crisp.

For a truly deep flavour, and an exquisitely juicy bite, fat content is the most important factor. The highest quality meat will contain the fat content that is just right, giving you the best starting point.

Pork belly can seem intimidating to the uninitiated, but there are a few tricks that will ensure your meat is perfect every time.

  • Dry it out! Water content in the skin can make it go hard or soggy, instead of crispy when heat is applied. Drying out the pork skin requires two key steps. Firstly, wipe the skin down with paper towel and vinegar. Secondly, leave the pork belly uncovered overnight in the fridge to ensure as much moisture is lost as possible.
  • If using salt, be sure to massage the salt into the scores on your pork belly. Crackling is made as a result of a reaction between the salt and the fat underlying the skin, so it is important that the salt is in contact with as much of the fat as possible.
  • Oven temperature is crucial to ensure that your pork is succulent, yet crispy. An initial high heat will help to render the fat and make the skin crispy. Once the top is golden and starts to bubble, the oven should be turned down so that the meat cooks through.


Simple tips for a deliciously simple meal.

Big tips for cooking pork belly

  • Dry it out – wipe the skin down with paper towel and vinegar
  • Leave it uncovered in the fridge over night
  • Have a hot oven to the top goes golden and starts to bubble. Once this happens turn down the heat of the oven so the meat cooks through
  • Buy high quality pork. Pork belly is all about the flavour of the pork, the better quality the better quality flavour outcome. You can buy your Berkshire pork bellies here


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