One Breast, Many Meals - Chicken Soup with Kale + Farro

by Olivia McCrimmon April 08, 2021 2 min read

One Breast, Many Meals - Chicken Soup with Kale + Farro

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The chicken breast, a weekly staple in most households, lean and quick to cook. Poaching and shredding the breast, allows it to be adapted to a variety of cuisines and dishes, so we’re sharing our favourite recipes. If you're strapped for time and in need of a nutrient-rich and comforting meal, this is for you! This chicken soup is warming, full of flavour, protein and veg too!

Poached Chicken Ingredients:

  • 2 x 250g Organic Chicken Breasts
  • 1 litre Hagen's Organics Chicken Stock 
  • 3 Bay Leaves
  • 2 Sprigs Thyme
  • Handful Peppercorns

Note: Reserve stock for the soup

Remaining Ingredients:

  • 3 tbsp Olive Oil
  • 1 Onion, finely chopped
  • 3 Garlic Cloves, finely chopped
  • 2 Carrots, cut into 1cm pieces, then halved
  • 2 Celery Stalks, chopped
  • 1/2C Cracked Farro
  • 2 Kale Leaves, stalk removed, roughly chopped
  • Parsley, roughly chopped
  • Parmesan + Olive Oil to serve

Method Poached Chicken:

  1. Heat stock in saucepan and add in bay leaves, thyme and peppercorns.
  2. Once it comes to the boil, add in the chicken breast and bring back to the boil.
  3. Turn heat to a low simmer and cover.
  4. Cook for 15 minutes or until chicken is just cooked through.
  5. Remove from heat and let sit for 5 minutes before removing the chicken.

Method Soup:

  1. Heat olive oil in saucepan on medium heat and once hot, add in the onion and garlic. Turn the heat to low and cook for 10 minutes. 
  2. Add in the carrot and celery and continue to cook on low for another 10 minutes.
  3. Add in farro and toast for a couple of minutes before adding the stock in.
  4. Simmer for twenty minutes or until the farro is just cooked but still has a bit of bite to it.
  5. Add in the kale and shredded chicken and continue cooking for another couple of minutes. If you need to add in more water, add it now and season with salt and pepper.
  6. Add in parsley just before serving and top with a drizzle of olive oil, shaved parmesan and plenty of cracked pepper.
  7. Serve with toasted bread and butter.