Our Top 5 Recipes Perfect for Leftovers

by Olivia McCrimmon July 07, 2021 2 min read

Our Top 5 Recipes Perfect for Leftovers

As much as some of us enjoy cooking, it can be a bit draining, cooking every single meal. That's why it's important to understand what recipes are better suited to reheating and make for delicious lunches for the following day. Some recipes even get better with age, so they're perfect for making on a Sunday afternoon, meaning you've got lunch sorted for the week ahead.

Winter BBQ'd Lamb Shoulder

A cold winter's day calls for classic comfort food, and one of our go-to's is a lamb shoulder slow-roasted on the BBQ. Teamed with roast potatoes and a crunchy green salad, it's the kind of food that will warm your soul, as well as your tummy. The options for the leftovers are endless - you've for yourself a tasty pie, sandwich filler or bbq'd pulled lamb burger. Read the recipe here.

Peri Peri Butterflied Chicken

Using butterflied chicken allows for a much more even and quick cook. The skin is beautifully charred and full of flavour, whilst the meat is tender and juicy. When you've finished eating it for tea, take 5 minutes to shred the remaining meat and skin, making sure you get everything off the bones. You can then use this delicious chicken to top salads, fill sandwiches or eat alongside some veg. Read the recipe here.

Peri-peri Chicken

Ultimate Veggie Bolognese

Our veggie bolognese recipe is a nutrient-dense bowl of flavour! The base is a cauliflower soffrito, where mushrooms are added for richness and miso for that savoury umami. You certainly don't have to be vegetarian to love this dish and if we haven't won you over already, the leftover sauce makes for a ripper lasagne or pie! Read the recipe here.

The Ultimate Veggie Bolognese

Beef Brisket Chilli Con Carne

A recipe that can feed a family and more! This brisket chilli con carne not only fills your house with beautiful aromas, but it also makes a huge pot full that can be used in tacos, served on rice or in a sandwich. Another positive this recipe has on its side, is the flavours just keep getting better over time. Read the recipe here.

Brisket Chilli Con Carne

Poached Chicken

The chicken breast, a weekly staple in most households, lean and quick to cook. Poaching and shredding the breast, allows it to be adapted to a variety of cuisines and dishes. Hayley McKee's chicken salad recipe uses shredded, poached chicken coated in a lightly spiced dressing, dotted with red grapes and walnuts. Put it on top of a big bed of mixed salad leaves for an impressive help-yourself lunch or dinner. Read the recipe here.

One Breast, Many Meals - Chicken Salad with Hayley McKee