Three Simple Ways To Boost Your Baby's Iron Intake

by Ruby Hagen June 25, 2024 1 min read

Three Simple Ways To Boost Your Baby's Iron Intake

We're always looking for ways to ensure our little ones get the nutrients they need. Iron is particularly crucial for growing babies, supporting their brain development and overall health. Here are three surprisingly simple methods to increase your baby's iron intake:

  1. Lamb Cutlets: A Meaty Lollipop Treat

You might be surprised to learn that allowing your baby to suck on lamb cutlets can be an excellent source of iron. As they suck, they extract nutrient-rich juices packed with this essential mineral. Always supervise your baby during this activity to ensure safety.


  1. Organic Liver Bombs: A Nutrient Power Bomb

Liver is incredibly nutrient-dense and an excellent source of iron. Create "liver bombs" by blending organic liver, pouring it into moulds, and freezing. Once frozen, grate these over your baby's regular meals for an iron boost. This method allows you to incorporate liver into their diet without overwhelming their taste buds.

  1. Lamb Mince and Liver Koftas: A Family-Friendly Option

Combine lamb mince with liver to create tasty koftas the whole family can enjoy. This approach not only increases your baby's iron intake but also introduces them to diverse flavours and textures. Plus, it's a meal that can be shared by everyone at the table.