BYO Reusable Containers at All Hagen's Stores

by Arnaud Mesureur February 07, 2020 1 min read

reusuable container butcher

Let's work together to cut out single-use plastic bags.

A new study estimates there are 2025 million takeaway containers per year being used in the European Union (EU) alone. It also says finding a way to recycle disposable takeaway containers could help reduce equivalent greenhouse gas emissions generated annually by 55,000 cars.
Science Daily


Join us in behaviour-changing to reduce single-use plastic. Spread the word - we're Melbourne's BYO container butcher

We welcome all our customers to bring your reusable containers to our shops to have your meat put in to take home rather putting your meat in single-use plastic bags. 


Reasons we love BYO container

  • Reduces plastic waste. Less shipping of our waste to other countries/ dumping it straight into a hole in the ground
  • After visiting the butcher to fill your container, you can put your meat straight into the fridge/freezer as soon as you get home. Or portion it before freezing to only use what you need
  • Stacking and storing food this way makes us feel organised and actually see what we have at home before buying more (no more mystery wrapped up meat in the freezer, where you can't remember when you bought it...or even what it is!)

*Please ensure your containers are clean and dry - raw meat going in a dirty container is unhygienic (and gross!). 


Learn more about what we're doing to reduce waste in our home meat deliveries


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