Meet Luka from Boob to Food

by Olivia McCrimmon April 13, 2021 1 min read

Meet Luka from Boob to Food

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We are so thrilled to announce our newest pack... Our Boob to Food Pack! If you're not already familiar with Luka McCabe and Boob to Food, let us introduce you!

From Luka...

I am a mum of two - Flynn and Florence, a registered Midwife working in the birth centre at a large tertiary hospital, a registered nurse, a birth and parenting educator and a certified nutrition consultant specialising in postpartum and babies nutrition!

My passion lies with nutrition for mothers and children, as I truely believe if we set up good foundations at an early age we will avoid bad habits later in life - and in turn hopefully avoiding the many preventable diseases now prevalent in our society. I also believe that if a mother models healthy eating habits that the children will want to follow suit.

I focus on whole foods that are nutrient dense, easy to prepare and enjoyable for the whole family - because who has time to make multiple meals!? My ideas incorporate a mix of baby led weaning and purees so that you can choose a style of feeding that suits your family.

I hope to inspire you to think differently about food, to think about what benefits it can have to your body and to feel the best that you can feel.

Luka x

To find out more head to her website here