Pork Shoulder: The King Of Leftovers

by Olivia McCrimmon October 21, 2022 2 min read

Pork Shoulder: The King Of Leftovers

Pork shoulder is a fantastic cut offering busy families incredible value for money thanks to its versatility and endless potential for leftovers! It’s ideal for slow cooking — meaning you can pop it in the oven early and get on with your day until dinner time. 

Hagen’s Berkshire beyond free-range pork shoulder comes from McIvor Farm in Tooborac, Victoria, where farmers Jason & Belinda Hagan ethically raise their award-winning herds using regenerative farming techniques. 

The key to melt-in-your-mouth pork shoulder — on or off the bone — is cooking it low and slow, with the skin side facing up. 

For the crispiest crackle, preheat the oven to250 degrees and blast the dried skin until it starts to bubble, then reduce the temperature to 160 degrees and roast until tender. Finish it by cranking that heat back up to 250 degrees for the perfect finish! For best results, dry the skin out uncovered overnight (in the fridge) and season with plenty of salt.

Of course, pork possibilities don’t stop at your go-to roast! Shoulder cuts like our Pork Scotch, Boneless Pork Shoulder, and Pork Shoulder Bone-In are fantastic for any slow cooking recipe, such as ourFennel Pork Shoulder orOstro's famous Porchetta recipe.

When you’re feeling extra adventurous, pork shoulder is perfect for exploring other cuisines like Korean and Mexican, where it’s served pulled and flavoured with zesty herb and spice combinations. Why not try the following recipes from our website?

Korean —Momofuku Bo Ssam

Mexican—Pork Scotch with Green Chilli, Lime + Coriander Pickle

Mexican —Pork carnitas with Mabu Mabu pineapple hot sauce 

Don’t forget the endless potential for leftovers — this is where the value of pork shoulder really comes through. Start with a succulent roast pork and use the leftovers for a cubano sandwich or a comforting bowl of fried rice. 

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