Tips for Freezing Meat

by Lucy Christie January 10, 2024 1 min read

Tips for Freezing Meat

Food waste contributes greatly to our global emissions. The freezer is sustainable way to save for later.  

Freezing meat isn't just a convenience, it's a way to preserve the quality of our products while also extending the shelf life without compromising the nutritional value or taste. Being able to preserve freshness of the meat through freezing is very important. 

Freeze Early

We understand, sometimes your weekly meal plan doesn't go to schedule. Have you thought about freezing early, rather than leaving it to late? We've all thought, ah - I should have frozen that! Maybe consider that with your next big shop. Right, to our tips.

Storing your Meat

Storing Purchase in Store

Remove from bag, and place in a freezer safe container. Write the date of purchase on the outside. We only suggest this, so it's clearly labelled. 

Purchase Online

Use a permanent marker to write the date of freezing on the Hagen’s packaging. 

How to Defrost

Place in your fridge for 24 hours, and cook as you would normal, however do so within a day. For the best freshness, use meat from the freezer within 3 months.

With these simple steps you can make your life in the kitchen more convenient, reduce waste, and save a penny.