Great Ocean Ducks

by Oliver Hagen November 13, 2020 1 min read

Great Ocean Ducks

Farmers: Greg and Jodi Clarke

Location: Port Campbell 

Produce: Aylesbury Ducks

Principles: Regenerative, Beyond Free Range, Ethically raised, Low environmental impact


Greg and Jodi farm their free-range Aylesbury ducks on their 16-hectare property near the Twelve Apostles on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. They began with 30 Aylesbury ducklings in 2009, began rearing Pekins in late 2012, and now have close to 3,500 ducks roaming their beautiful property. The ducks sleep in converted hay sheds and are let into paddocks each morning to forage and graze. Each evening, kelpies help herd the ducks back into the sheds where they dine on a cider-like brew created from grains and fruit, including apples and figs. Great Ocean Ducks' customers include restaurants like Brae, Royal Mail Hotel Dunkeld and Anchovy. After finding that a lot of their customers struggled with ideas on how to cook duck, they created their 'Just Duck' cookbook, full of simple and easy-to-follow recipes.