Mixed Meat Value Packs

We’ve designed our value packs with families in mind. Where you’re a family of one or a family of 6 we’ve got the meat you need to see you through the week all wrapped up in a neat little pack.

Packs are ideal for those who love to #mealprep or the mid-week freezer-retrievers. Products freeze well and are packed in airtight vac sealed bags to ensure longevity and freshness (because we don’t use synthetic preservatives). 

As an ethically driven business, we advocate for a balanced diet. Even as butchers whose life’s work is to prepare and sell meat, we are conscious of the impact meat production has on our environment and our health. These packs have been designed with families in mind and when accounting for portion size and making the most of the meat (e.g. using left over chicken bones for stocks and soups), there is more than enough meat for a family for a week.


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