Protein and Wine Matching

by Ruby Hagen November 26, 2014 2 min read

Protein and Wine Matching

Here at Hagens we are very proud of supplying you with the best quality meat to cook the best dishes possible. But we all know a beautiful meal requires a beautiful wine. This little guide will point you in the right direction next time you stop at the wine shop on the way home from the market.

When matching a wine with a protein, one thing to keep in mind is that protein breaks down tannins in the mouth, and makes them more palatable. Generally, a bigger red such as a heavy Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon, will be much more palatable with a nice chunk of meat.

Chicken breast with prawn and pomelo salad

This asian style chicken salad has strong flavours, and some chilli. This can be a nightmare for matching with wine, but I generally find a lighter white with a hint of sweetness can make dishes sing. A riesling with some residual sugar will match well with the chilli and also help lift the beautiful flavour of the chicken, prawn and pomelo citrus.

A great match for this would be a riesling with some residual sugar such as Mac Forbes 2014 RS33 Riesling from Strathbogie Ranges.


Southern Fried Chicken

There is no greater match than Southern Fried Chicken and good quality chardonnay. Using organic drumsticks and a southern style coating results in a rich and delicious fried chicken.

I recommend a chardonnay that is on the fuller in body that has seen some oak and has a bit of a creaminess to it. This will go perfectly with the buttermilk and rich coating of the chicken.

A great match would be Hoddles Creek Chardonnay from the Yarra Valley.

Roast Pork Rack

The classic go to pairing for pork is Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is a lighter red with low tannins. The Berkshire Roast Rack is rich and well marbled. I would choose a lighter Pinot with higher acidity to cut through the rich marbling in the rack.

Something like Williams Crossing Pinot Noir from Macedon Ranges would fit the bill nicely! it has a good backbone of acidity to carry the rich pork.

Roast Leg of Lamb

Evoking memories of lazy Sunday arvos, there is nothing like a beautiful roast leg of lamb. Our easy carve lamb leg has been boned out and is super easy to carve and dish up.

The classic go to with lamb with is a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. The rich lamb requires a full bodied red to match. A classic dry cabernet from Central Victorian producer Balgownie Estate works well. Keeping it Victorian, I’d also love to drink a bottle of La Gallina Red Blend from hip producer Bress. The dry red blend of three mediterranean varieties will also go beautifully with the lamb.


The Aussie Classic: Aussie Steak and Aussie Shiraz. The rich steak can handle big tannins and deserves a big wine. Your uncle’s favourite, Bowen Estate from Coonawarra, makes a big bold rich shiraz that goes well with steak. I’m more inclined to go something a bit sexier and more savoury like Jamsheed Syrah from the Seville, Yarra Valley. Beautiful pepper on the nose complements the rich steak.

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