Truffles from Damien Pike, the "Mushroom Man"

by Olivia McCrimmon July 13, 2022 3 min read

Truffles from Damien Pike, the "Mushroom Man"

Truffles are a true delicacy — their distinctive aroma and flavour transforms any meal into a masterpiece, making them one of the most sought-after ingredients in the culinary world.

Hagen’s are proud to partner with two of Australia's premiere truffle producers to bring you the finest of these fungi during the precious, limited window that they’re in season.

Damian Pike

Nicknamed the ‘Mushroom Man’, Damian Pike has been selling Truffles, Mushrooms and other exotic produce at the Prahran Market for 30 years, and we’ve worked with him for many of those. His passion for unusual seasonal ingredients has cemented him as one of Melbourne’s best specialty grocers.

Damian has earnt countless accolades — from an Order of Australia for ‘services to the fruit and vegetable industry’, to the ‘small mushroom retailer’ award from the Mushroom Association of Australia.

And his catchphrase? “Cook ‘em fast, eat ‘em slow. That’s the way to go!”


Truffle Hill

Truffle Hill was Australia’s first commercial truffière (truffle orchard), established in 1997 in Manjimup, nicknamed the ‘Food Bowl’ of Western Australia for its productive soil. Seeing as they export up to 80% of their crop to the world’s best restaurants, we’re incredibly lucky to have them at Hagen’s!

Their black Périgord truffles are praised by acclaimed Michelin Star chefs and passionate foodies alike, found on menus in Germany, Spain, Denmark, UK, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Oak Hill

Producers Ian and Marilyn began Oak Hill as a retirement project, planting both French and English oaks in the rich volcanic soil near the historic Victorian goldfields town of Gordon. Cold, pure mountain air gives Oak Hill truffles a deep, distinct aroma, and whilst their farm isn’t registered as organic, the couple “follow organic principles to keep this wonderful product as nature intended it.”

Oak Hill truffles are hunted by rescue dog Sally and her younger protégé Peggy, whose remarkable noses will bring bountiful truffle harvests for many seasons to come!


If you’re new to truffles and need inspiration now that you’ve gotten your hands on some, read on!

Truffles will elevate anything from a simple meal of scrambled eggs to sauces and side dishes. It pairs best with chicken, steak, pork, duck, and venison, all of which you can find in our online store (subject to availability).

Risotto & Pasta — Whip up a creamy truffle-infused sauce or shave over a mushroom penne
Roast Chicken — place thin slices of truffle under the skin and brush with homemade truffle butter
Omelettes — fold in finely-grated truffle to your omelette or shave it on top to garnish
Toasted Sandwiches — Grate or shave truffle onto a grilled ham and cheese sandwich

If you’re feeling experimental, take inspiration from former Attica’s head chef Pablo Britton, who put a spin on veal saltimbocca by replacing the veal with a beyond free-range pork fillet and adding truffle for a burst of flavour — after all, the dish translates to ‘jump in the mouth’!


While truffles are best eaten fresh, within 3-4 days of purchase, it is possible to keep them up to 7-14 days. The best way to store them is to gently wrap in paper towel and seal in a dry, airtight glass jar in your fridge crisper compartment — not the coldest part of the fridge. The jar must be kept dry and the absorbent paper should be changed daily to prevent sogginess.


Truffles are only available at Hagen’s through online orders, so that we can ensure they arrive to you as fresh and fragrant as possible. This winter, we have two portions on offer: 15g at $60 and 30g at $120.

(Don’t forget, there’s next-day delivery on all Hagen’s orders placed before 12pm, and orders over $120 are shipped free.)

Truffle season winds down at the end of August, so take advantage of the opportunity to indulge in these aromatic delicacies — don’t get caught having to wait for next year!

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