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About Our To drink

The story of Bress began with Adam Marks and his love for chickens. While making wine in Burgundy and Beaujolais in 1996, Adam heard that the finest eating chickens in the world hailed from a nearby town called Bourg en Bresse. Not one to make haste, Adam immediately visited a producer and witnessed first-hand their traditional method of breeding chickens. As a result of this discovery, Bress is dedicated to the famous chickens of France and what they represent – artisan production using traditional, age-old methods.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the Bress philosophy and a big part of this is the use of biodynamic and organic practices from the vineyard through to the winery.

Bress doesn't use synthetic fertilisers and we make our own compost that feeds the soil that in turn makes our vines healthier.


Due to alcohol licensing we are only allowed to sell each individual customer two bottles of wine per sale. If you purchase over two bottle we will get in contact with you and organise a refund.