Meet The Producers : Sambell Organic

by Oliver Hagen November 10, 2020 1 min read

Meet The Producers : Sambell Organic

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Sambell Organic is a family run farm producing high quality grass-fed organic angus beef.

From humble beginnings as butchers, the Sambell family began farming angus in 1970. The farm has expanded over time by focusing on herd genetics breeding award winning Angus cattle. Stephen and Emma are now continuing the family’s dream of supplying organic grass fed, high marbling angus beef.

Sambell Organic has been farming using organic techniques for more than 25 years, and officially transitioned into a certified organic farm in 2011.

Using naturally sourced products greatly improves the soil, the grass, and benefits the health of the cattle. The cattle are handled with care in a low stress environment, which leads to their tender, juicy highly marbled beef.

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