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Brisket is one of our favourite cuts at Hagens. The popular cut is taken from the breast of the animal and has a variety of uses from braising or smoking, to curing for corned beef.

Brisket is traditionally cooked low and slow to ensure the tenderness of the finished product. Our brisket has great marbling that bastes the meat from the inside as it cooks combined with a nice fat cap on top that bastes the meat from the top down throughout the cooking process.

If you're into your American style BBQ you can't go past this cut of meat. We suggest you cook this in you smoker or BBQ low and slow for at least 10 hours. Check out our slow cooked brisket recipe here

Size: Approximately 1kg

Feeds: Four People

Price per kg: $27.90kg

Our minimum brisket weight is 1kg, if you would like a larger piece please contact our Richmond office. 03 9428 2471/

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