New to Hagen's : Small Batch Charcuterie

by Oliver Hagen December 04, 2020 1 min read

New to Hagen's : Small Batch Charcuterie

With more gatherings amongst family and friends, comes more charcuterie boards. And with more charcuterie boards, comes the need for more mouth-watering sliced meats. We’ve rounded up our favourite purveyors of charcuterie to supply you with the products to create the snack board of your dreams!

We’ve recently welcomed small-batchSalami specialists, The Meat Room’s range of salami. Their salami is made using local, free-range pork and is available in three delicious varieties including, traditional, calabrese and fennel. The owner, James Mele is passionate about all things meat and in particular, traditional Italian food. 

A less obvious choice to include on your next charcuterie board is ourBresaola from De Palma Salumi. It’s made from lean and tender topside beef and has been slowly aged for three months. The cows are free-range and grass fed and the bresaola is produced without the use of additives. 

We source ourProsciutto San Daniele from Villani and it’s air-dried and cured for over 20 months. This allows the prosciutto to acquire a beautiful aroma and tenderness. It’s made using small batch production methods to ensure quality of the product. 

Not into sharing your meat? Toast a piece ofSourdough and spread withDijon Mustard. TearSalami,Bresaola orProsciutto and place on top, along withCheddar,Pickles and a drizzle ofExtra Virgin Olive Oil. Yum, yum, yum!