Pork Christmas

Celebrate Christmas 2023 with a sumptuous feast featuring Hagen’s Organics premium selection of pork cuts. Our pork cuts are sourced from McIvor Farm Foods, an award-winning, family-owned farm, guaranteeing the highest quality meat for your festive table. 

Christmas Pork Cuts

Our Berkshire Pork Boneless Loin Roast (Porchetta) is a star player for any Christmas roast. Expertly boned, rolled, tied, and scored by our skilled butchers, this lean cut is coated with a protective layer of fat for a juicy roast and crackling, making for the perfect Christmas meal. 

If preparing a Christmas pork loin feels daunting, our exquisite Berkshire Pork Boneless Shoulder Roast and Shoulder on the Bone are also exceptional options. Their rich fat content guarantees an unrivalled depth of flavour, perfect for a festive feast, and provides added flexibility with cooking times.

For a show-stopping centrepiece, look no further than our Berkshire Pork Belly. With its high-fat content and beautiful marbling, this cut is ideal for roasting, smoking or braising. It guarantees a tender and moist result every time, promising a Christmas dinner your family won't forget. 

Try our homemade Hagen's Apple Sauce  to complement your Christmas pork roast. It's the perfect balance of sweet to tart flavours, an ideal accompaniment to your Christmas roast pork.

Christmas Pork Recipe Ideas

Our range of pork cuts offers endless possibilities for your star Christmas roast. From traditional roasts to Italian-inspired dishes, the options are limitless. 

Satisfy your taste buds with our  Crispy Pork Belly recipe, a perfect blend of crunchy and savoury flavours that will keep you coming back for more. If you're in the mood for a festive feast, consider our  Porchetta. This Italian-inspired dish is juicy and delicious, guaranteed to take centre stage in your holiday spread.

For those who have a penchant for slow-cooked dishes, our  Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder recipe is a must-try. It is tender and succulent, ensuring every bite melts in your mouth. Another slow-cooked wonder is our  Fennel Pork Shoulder. The fusion of pork and fennel offers a unique sweet and savoury flavour profile that will surely impress your guests.

Christmas Pork Made Easy

All our cuts of pork are sealed in a cryo-vacuum and packaged with ice packs and insulation for safety and prolonged freshness. We suggest opening your pork on the day of your Christmas celebration and consuming it within 5 days.

Ensure your festive celebrations are catered for by placing your order by 17th December. Enjoy complimentary delivery throughout Victoria on online orders over $150. We will be accepting Christmas orders from 1st November.

Explore our  Christmas meats collection now. Browse the finest cuts of  beef,  poultry, and  turkey, and make your Christmas feast unforgettable with Hagen’s Organics.