Beef Christmas

Experience the ultimate  Christmas feast with Hagen's Organics' selection of premium, organic beef cuts. Our beef is sourced from family-owned, ethical producers, ensuring you get the highest quality meat this festive season.

Christmas Roast Beef Selection

Our Scotch Fillet Roast is a top choice for a Christmas roast beef. Expertly trimmed and prepared by our skilled butchers, this cut is perfect for roasting to perfection, filling your home with mouth-watering aromas that signal the start of a festive feast.

For those who prefer a more tender cut, our Porterhouse Steak is a fantastic option. This restaurant-quality steak is beautifully marbled, providing a great depth of flavour. It's one of our most popular steak cuts due to its versatility and great taste.

Our Eye Filet Steak is another excellent choice for your Christmas beef. Hand-cut from the centre of a whole tenderloin, this prime steak cut is both the leanest and most tender.

For a touch of indulgence, try our well-marbled Rib Eye Steak. One of the most desirable of all beef steaks, it's a great choice for festive occasions. With fat running through the middle of the meat, this cut has an exquisite flavour and is incredibly tender.

Finally, our Brisket is a showstopper. Beautifully marbled throughout, it's the perfect cut for braising, smoking or curing for corned beef.

Christmas Beef Recipe Ideas

Whether you're a seasoned cook or a novice in the kitchen, our range of beef cuts offers endless possibilities for your star Christmas beef recipe. From traditional roasts to gourmet dishes, the options are limitless. 

Try a classic Perfect  Rib Eye Steak for a dish that's sure to impress, or a  Slow Cooked Beef Brisket for a ‘set and forget’ kind of dish, freeing up more time for other Christmas preparations. For a touch of fun, swap the classic for a  Scotch Fillet Roast with Salsa Verde, a recipe with a touch more zest.

For a unique spin, try the  Porterhouse Roast + Chimichurri, as instructed by Oliver Hagen. This delectable dish will transport your taste buds to the heart of Argentina.

Fresh Christmas Beef For All

All of our beef is cryo-vacuum sealed for safety and freshness and packed with ice bricks and insulation. We recommend opening your beef on the day of your Christmas feast and consuming it within 5 days.

Place your order by December 17 to ensure your order arrives in time for your festive celebrations. Enjoy free delivery all over Victoria on online orders over $150. Our Christmas orders are open on November 1st.

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