Turkey Christmas

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Hagen’s Organics presents you with the Christmas Turkey that embodies tradition, ethical sourcing, and culinary excellence. Whether you're planning a festive dinner or a grand celebration, our turkey is the quintessential centrepiece for your Christmas feast.

Christmas Turkey Selection

Our Christmas turkey, the star of your holiday table, is sourced from Bendele Farm near Gympie, Queensland. Bendele Farm is renowned for its ethical, sustainable, and organic farming practices, ensuring that the turkey you order for Christmas aligns with your values and expectations. We take pride in offering you a product that delights your taste buds and contributes to a sustainable food ecosystem.

We offer our Bendele free-range turkeys in various forms, including stuffed and unstuffed options. You can order them as whole trussed birds or as boneless roasts, giving you the freedom to craft your Christmas feast to perfection.

Exceptional Christmas Turkey Recipes

For those seeking culinary inspiration, our Christmas turkey comes with a collection of tantalising recipes. Indulge in the  Verjuice Roasted Boneless Turkey, a dish that perfectly complements the festive spirit. If you prefer the classics, our turkey pairs wonderfully with our  house-made cranberry sauce and  chicken gravy, ensuring a traditional roast experience.

For a twist on tradition, try  Cousin Pat's Dry-Brined Turkey, an innovative recipe that brings a burst of flavour to your Christmas table. With Hagen’s Organic Family Butcher, your Christmas turkey becomes a canvas for your culinary artistry.

Get Your Christmas Turkey Today

Ensure your Christmas dinner is unforgettable by placing your order for the finest Christmas turkey. Order by the 17th of December to enjoy our complimentary delivery service for online orders over $150.

All our birds are sealed in cryo-vacuum and packaged with ice and insulation for safety and prolonged freshness. We recommend unwrapping your turkey on the day of your Christmas festivities and enjoying it within a span of 5 days.

Explore our  Christmas meats collection for the finest cuts of  beef,  pork,  lamb,  ham and  poultry, and celebrate Christmas the Hagen’s way.