McIvor Farm Natural Boneless Ham

Our Natural Hams are made using a natural nitrate (plant-based) cure. Each ham is hand made by our butchers in Richmond using award-winning Berkshire pork legs from McIvor Farm Foods Our pork is a beyond-free range grown using regenerative farming methods in the rolling hills of Tooborac, Victoria.

The boneless natural ham is a great easy-to-carve Christmas ham, perfect for slicing with easy. 

Smoked using sustainably sourced Redgum woodchips for a delicate flavour that lets the quality of this great meat do the talking. 

Our natural hams are free from synthetic preservatives and are best eaten within 3-4 weeks. 

Glaze with  house-made Perision Apricot Ham Glaze and studded with cloves. Best served with your Grandma’s Tomato Charlotte and your favourite steamed greens and roast potatoes. 


Pair with our Hagen’s Cranberry Sauce


Serving Suggestions 

1.5kg . - Less than 6 ppl

2kg  - 6 - 8 ppl

2.5kg - 8 - 10 ppl 

3kg - 10 - 12 ppl +



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